PhytoQuest has had several patents granted in recent years on iminosugars and extracts containing them for novel anti-inflammatory activity and blood sugar control with potential to halt development of diabetes and associated health problems including Alzheimer’s. New patents have also been filed for new animal feeds reducing methane and improving production efficiency, on anti-human parasite compounds and on certain rice varieties for health benefits.

Clinical trials on an extract 'Q-Actin' containing a single measured active iminosugar are being conducted in the UK and USA and already has shown a steady improvement in osteo-arthritis. 2020 will see the launch of a new improved PhytoQuest Gymnema Extra product for maintenance of blood sugar.

2019 has been a good research year with on-going projects involving food stability, identification of compounds with neuroprotective activity and female health being ready for patent applications and 2020 will see a broader push on licensing, IP protection and exploitation.
Recent Royal Society of Chemistry Podcast on iminosugars


David Bellamy

The late great David Bellamy (passed 11 Dec 2019) talks to Dr Nash about medicinal plants with iminosugars.

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