Phytoquest Compound Libraries

Phytoquest has developed four different libraries with the following characteristics:

Library Name Description Details
Phytopure Library Pure mainly non-polar compounds ~1,000 compounds that are not commercially available and of which approximately 700 are novel
Fraction Library Less pure non-polar compounds ~3,000 fractions
Diversity Library Commercially-available compounds ~100 compounds supplied on micro-titre plates for screening purposes
Iminosugar Library Mainly unavailable elsewhere ~100 compounds and ongoing program of characterization

Careful selectivity inherent in the Phytoquest methods ensures that Phytopure and Fraction libraries display DIVERSITY, NOVELTY and FUNCTION as described below:




Phytoquest management follow a best practice based approach to the management of the Libraries, focused on ensuring provenance and reproducibility:



Phytoquest also focuses on delivering a library product that is easy to use in a range of analytical settings:

Ease of use

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Compound Libraries

NMR Services for Industry and Academia

1H, 13C, DEPT, 2D, quantitative analyses, structural elucidation.

PhytoQuest Limited offers fast and high quality NMR analysis and interpretation using a Bruker Avance 500 MHz instrument:
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NMR Services

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