upgraded our 500 MHz Bruker Avance NMR

We have upgraded our 500 MHz Bruker Avance NMR to the most modern software and operation systems. The instrument continues to give us the state-of-the-art research capability we need for our natural product work and quality control. We also offer an analytical service.

sms awards 2021

PhytoQuest has had several patents granted in recent years on iminosugars and extracts containing them for novel anti-inflammatory activity and blood sugar control with potential to halt development of diabetes and associated health problems including Alzheimer's. The applications include new pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetic ingredients. Exciting new research has led to new patents being filed for new animal feeds reducing methane and improving production efficiency and on certain rice, honey, Chinese, coffee and potato varieties for health benefits.

Clinical trials on an extract 'Q-Actin' containing a single measured active iminosugar, idoBR1 show a steady improvement in osteo-arthritis and reduction of muscle pain in sports fitness trials. The mechanism seems new and the compound is extremely potent, not metabolised and non-toxic. (see recent American Chemical Society publication We are now investigating improved brain health from reduced inflammation (see

This has been a good research year with on-going projects involving food stability, controlling processes involved in ageing, identification of compounds with neuroprotective activity and improving female health being ready for patent applications and next year will see a broader push on licensing, IP protection and exploitation. New molecules for improved cancer treatment via priming the immune system are being investigated as one of our priority projects as well as for their uses for anti-infectives. Recent Royal Society of Chemistry Podcast on iminosugars

We also continue to work with many other companies and academics on food and cosmetic bioactive ingredients for their R&D projects. Our natural product libraries are being screened and give selective hits in a range of agrochemical and pharmaceutical assays.

research with King Charles

Our team was pleased to discuss our research with King Charles